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11-2: Lighthouse Bible Church, Simi Valley, CA

11-9: Freedom's Way Baptist Church, Santa Clarita, CA

11-14 to 16: River Chapel Assembly of God, Bullhead City, AZ

"You spoke at my church 3 years ago and had a tremendous influence on my family, and others I know." Terry


Revealing the authority of God's Word thru life-changing messages.

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GC Upright sunriseSince 2004 Russ Has Led 1000's On Life-Changing Grand Canyon Rim Tours!


"The TRUTH will set you free! Your Grand Canyon rim tour was an enlightening experience! The things I’ve been taught about God all make much more sense now!" MelissaGrand Strcse

A mile of strata were removed from above the Canyon's rim leaving the Grand Staircase!


"I’ve been on 5 Grand Canyon Rim Tours but having Russ reveal the area thru a different view, one that fits God's Word, was truly eye-opening." Bill

See both our Grand Canyon Rim and Grand Staircase tours. Group or Private Christian Tour

"I enjoyed seeing a different perspective on our Grand Canyon Rim Tour. You  opened my eyes with your canyon ministries effort...I look at this trip as a highlight in my Christian walk." Aaron


Our new DVDs and book, The COSt!!

"Be prepared to be delighted, surprised and strengthened in your faith. This is much more than Creation vs Evolution information. This book is life-changing!"

The CostOrder CESM's NEW Resources Now!

Russ' new book, The COSt (Creation-Original sin-Separation-the Cross) reinterprets the top ten old-earth teachings and the top ten Darwinian beliefs thru a biblical view which crushes the secular strongholds. Also covers the top ten evil fruit of old-earth beliefs, including the loss of America's Christian heritage.           

There’s so much information it's hard to wade through. Your book & DVDs made it easy to understand the root of the lies & how to educate ourselves & those who challenge our belief in our Creator. David

OUR DVDs are engaging & viewers understand them! 24-sessions, filmed live, including Russ' talks on his Grand Canyon Rim tours.

   New DVDs

Power-packed new teachings, FAQs. On-The-Rim talks and much more! ORDER NOW at DVD Video Series


ACH Coloring BookEndowed By Their Creator:

America's Christian Heritage Activity Book.

 CESM Store & Donations.

"These coloring books make the best gifts and a great teaching tool!"

front color bk   Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs Activity Book.


Learn of dinosaurs and Biblical foundations.


Noah's Ark & Dinosaurs Coloring Book

"What a great Christian resource!"


Russ answers Bill Nye


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